A long, long time ago...back before the turn of the century...way back in ‘97, Mr. Case was prospecting in these hills.. There never was any gold here, but he had a right nice chunk of real estate so, after the Christmas rush that year, he put a sign at the entrance and gave birth to the Spades Team Ladder Room.

SweetThangFL and I were on our way to an eBay auction when we dropped in to check it out. We immediately fell in love with the ambiance of the place. The brightly painted walls, all the pretty little tables lined up in neat little rows, a foursome of stupid but dependable bots, and a gang of thugs called “The Servers” that would drop by and make you lag or temporarily kick you off your table without warning.

We paid rent in that room for a couple years before deciding we wanted our own place in the country. The zone was nice enough to create a Team Ladder Room #2 so we packed up the truck and we moved over here. On October 15th, 2001 the CampFire Spaders Team Ladder was created.

Well, we moseyed on down to Table 21 and staked claim to our little piece of heaven. It isn’t ours exclusively, but it is ours usually. I added a nice big kettle of beans in mid-2000 so the other campers would have something to eat while waiting for their ‘up’ games in the other room so we brought it along. We got ourselves a few dogs, a few tents, a few hundred decks of cards, a dealer named George and a whole bunch of friends together to form the team. We proudly call the place “Camp OAT” (the initials for OnlyAThang - OAT).

We’ve made ourselves some mighty fine friends here in our little corner of the www. Many are, like us, permanent residents. Many drop in for a weekend run at the number one spot then move on. Whatever your intentions, we hope you will enjoy your stay at our half-way house for Spades addicts. While you are here please drop by Table 21 for a bowl of beans and friendly game.

Consider yourself part of the family.



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