4-27-09 OLDim RedArmy BAN rude, unsportsmanlike, profane
5-01-09 lacking_skillz Resurrection BAN rude, unsportsmanlike, profane
5-21-09 ARAgreat1 Loyalty BAN Cheating - reported by teammate
6-16-09 Who_Dolfingirl DrSuess BAN Cheating reported by teammate.
7-02-09 WT_WildThang/pacodawg Wild Thangs/camper BAN playing using multiple accounts
7-05-09 InFiDeL/13_boKTun dirtbags/True Blood BAN playing under multiple accounts
8-06-09 KrazyMiss Bullies BAN rude, unsportsmanlike, profane
8-21-09 Sir_Seattle Indelible BAN Stat manipulation
12-13-09 TheWrathOfSpades1/Sir_Seattle BAN Previously banned as Sir_Seattle
8-29-09 AkiTa BAN playing while boxed
9-07-09 MidLifeCrisis Taboo BAN Stat manipulation
9-18-09 YaGottaGo4it Champions BAN 5th penalty - f word - lobby chat
9-18-09 PRETTYboydavid0707 whiplash BAN rude, unsportsmanlike, profane
9-25-09 VETERAN BlackSheep BAN Continuously bashing and harassing CF Admin
9-25-09 OS_IMurCLOSER Indelible BAN Playing while banned
9-27-09 iLLBurEPiCFaiLuRe World Class BAN ban evader - banned from the site by GP
9-27-09 DD_darlin Warriors BAN helping a site banned evader
10-01-09 Coles/6_six_6  BAN Banned from GP site
10-12-09 BabyDoll_29/KrazyMiss/Kiss_thatmiss BEER BAN previously banned player
11-20-09 SkilzComingUp BAN extremely inappropriate language
12-03-09 xmasisapaganholiday/poopooplater/chubbychase BAN extremely inappropriate language
12-14-09 Im_way_better_than_u/On_My_Own_LeVeL BAN previously banned as Infidel
12-14-09 gunsrfun Unstable BAN banned from GP
12-27-09 DeadlySpader X_Gamers BAN extremely inappropriate behavior
12-27-09 razorclaw Transformers BAN 5th penalty - lobby chat
2-04-10 GordonRamsey/TheViking/Absint/BadAttitude BAN Troublemaker 
2-04-10 JemHader32 BAN extreme profanity
2-09-10 _UNLeaSHeD BAN previously banned as Jookcity
2-09-10 _OcHoCiNcO_. SHOW BAN previously banned as Jason
2-09-10 U_Lost2me BAN previously banned player
2-19-10 maxar/religion_L0L YO BAN 5th penalty - inappropriate language/ pasting link - lobby chat
2-25-10 The_LostCause_ BEAST BAN extremely inappropriate language and behavior